Having breakfast makes you smarter. What breakfast can “wake up our brain and morning “?

Parenting Tips

9 月 2022

Written By: Founder of Kat-Spirit Nutrition Centre 

          Senior Nutritionist Ng Yiu Fun


The school year has started, did the children have breakfast before school? Many children have different reasons for not eating breakfast, but parents should pay attention to the fact that breakfast has a great impact on the growth of children!


Earlier, a study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed that breakfast has a significant impact on the academic performance of students. Students who have the habit of eating breakfast every day, test scores are more than 5 points higher than the average student who did not eat breakfast. Why does breakfast make us smarter?


Because the brain needs blood sugar for nutrient absorption and consumption, but when our body sleeps all night without food, the body has consumed our blood sugar for the whole day. Therefore, we need to eat breakfast to replenish blood sugar, so that our response becomes faster. Parents may ask, “What is the best breakfast for children?


What breakfast can “wake up our brain and morning”?

1.Starchy food

This includes porridge, flour, noodles, rice, bread and biscuits, so we can eat a sandwich, a bowl of macaroni or rice flour as well; even drinking milk, eating oatmeal or corn flakes is fine.


2. Protein supplement
Since protein itself can make us react faster, for example, shredded chicken is rich in protein, so for breakfast, you can choose a bowl of rice noodles in shredded chicken soup or macaroni in shredded chicken soup, or have an egg sandwich with cheese, which can also help us replenish our needs for the day. So all parents remember to remind children to eat breakfast before going to school!

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食早餐較聰明 甚麼早餐可以「醒腦醒晨」?


9 月 2022

撰文:家營營養中心創辦人  資深營養師 吳耀芬











Become a secure attachment for your child.Parent-child interaction is
especially important

Parenting Tips

9 月 2022

Written By: Ms. Lui Shuk Jing, Family Dynamics Personal, Marriage and Family Therapist


There is a Chinese saying “the age of three determines 80” and the West has another saying “The future is now”.It is clear that both Chinese and foreign parents have relevant parenting experience and believe that the early years are the golden age for shaping the healthy growth of their children. Many parents understand that they are the key influencers of their children’s growth, and that their children will learn by example, so they have to set an example and start to discipline them at a young age. I believe that parents focus on disciplining their children’s behavior, but recent studies in medicine, science, psychology, and early childhood development all point to the interaction and relationship between parents and children as the foundation for their children’s development.


“Attachment Theory research clearly shows that as early as 0-18 months of age, a parent or primary caregiver forms a lifelong relationship pattern with the child that will be passed on for the rest of the child’s life. Once a secure attachment relationship is

established, it is like a secure base that can be effective in dealing with future turbulent situations and in building the ability to have a successful family relationship. Conversely, once an insecure relationship pattern is established, it can have a negative impact on an infant’s future growth, emotional processing, and family relationships.


Secure Attachment

 The key to establishing a secure attachment pattern is for parents to establish a secure attachment when their child is 0-18 months old. Parents can build secure attachments based on the following suggestions

  • Be close to your child often, especially when they need it, such as when they cry and see their parents comforting them so that they know you are always there for them.
  • Invest emotionally in the parent-child relationship so that your child knows thatyou enjoy spending time with them and are interested in them, rather than being preoccupied with your own work. So parents need to play with their children from time to time to increase parent-child interaction and communication.
  • Parents are sensitive to their children’s emotional needs because children need you not only to meet their physical needs but also to care about their emotions and help them express and respond to them, especially negative emotions. When your child is dancing or smiling, you will help them say, “My baby is so happy! I’m so excited!” When your child is upset or crying, you will pick them up and offer protection and comfort. As they grow older, they will have more complex emotions, such as worry, fear, anger, frustration, and shame, and parents need to encourage and help their children express them, even though their negative emotions may have something to do with them.


Insecure Attachment


I have handled many cases in which the children are smart and well-behaved and have excellent academic performance, but they are very disturbed emotionally. Their parents think they are leading by example, loving their children and working hard, but they do not understand how their children can have emotional problems. If they look closely at the “attachment pattern” between themselves and their children to see if they are always close to their children, if they are emotionally involved, and if they can meet their children’s  emotional needs, it will be easy to find the core of the problem and help parents rebuild a secure attachment relationship with their children so that they can rely on them and build a foundation for growth.

成為孩子安全的依附對象 親子互動尤其重要

9 月 2022



俗語有云「三歲定八十」,西方亦有 “The future is now” 的說法,可見中外父母都有相關的育兒經驗,認為幼年時期是塑造孩子健康成長的黃金階段。很多父母都明白自己是影響孩子成長的關鍵人物,孩子會耳濡目染,所以自己要以身作則,從少開始管教他們。筆者認為父母都把焦點放在管教子女的行為上,而近代醫學、科學、心理學和幼兒發展的研究之中,均指出父母與子女的互動和關係才是影響子女成長的基礎。


「依附理論」研究清楚告訴我們,早於孩子在 0 – 18 個月,父母或主要照料者,已跟孩子形成一個影響一生的關係模式,將會承傳一生。安穩的依附關係一旦建立,就好像建立了一個安全基地,可以有效面對日後動盪不安的處境和建立美滿家庭關係的能力。相反,一旦建立不安全的關係模式,對嬰兒日後的成長,情緒處理和家庭關係都會帶來負面影響。




能否建立安穩的依附關係模式,關鍵在於孩子在 0 – 18 個月時,家長們可以根據以下建議建立安全的依附關係︰


  • 可經常親近孩子,特別是在孩子有需要的時候,例如哭泣時會見到父母在安慰自己,讓孩子知道您常在他們身邊。


  • 父母能夠敏銳回應孩子的情感需要,因為孩子不單只是需要您滿足他們身體温飽的需要,而是更加需要您去關心他們的情緒,幫助他們表達和回應,尤其是負面情緒。當子女手舞足蹈或笑嘻嘻時,您會幫他們說︰「BB好開心!好興奮啊!」當孩子不安或哭泣時,您會抱起他們,並給予保護和安慰;當他們長大些的時候,會有更複雜的情緒,例如擔心、害怕、憤怒、挫敗和羞愧,家長更需要鼓勵和幫助孩子表達,縱使他們的負面情緒可能跟您們有關,亦要給予一定程度的肯定和疏導。