Parenting Tips

Is parent-child reading becoming stressful?

Parenting Tips Parent-child reading senior worker: Choi EE   Do you have kids who insist on you telling them stories? And not just any stories, they want you to keep going. When you come home from work, they have a stack of books and won’t eat until you finish all of them or want you to keep going for two hours. This is a common issue that I frequently encounter in my lectures. Parents, think about it: when you engage in parent-child reading with your kids, what do you hope for the most?   You certainly hope to create a warm memory because when they listen to your stories, they are especially well-behaved and feel secure.

Did not take medicine when sick, waiting for the body to recover on its own and then develop antibodies?

Parenting Tips Source:Pediatric Specialist Doctor, Chiu Cheung Shing   When children get sick, some parents may become very anxious and immediately take their child to the doctor or give them medicine. However, some parents believe that if they wait for a while, the child will naturally recover. In reality, this approach is somewhat correct to a certain extent. For mild illnesses like the common cold or cough, allowing the child to rest can help them develop some antibodies that can protect them from future infections. However, parents should be aware that not all illnesses can be treated this way.   For some strong bacteria, waiting for a natural recovery can be dangerous. For example, with bacteria

How should I choose between morning and afternoon kindergarten classes?

Parenting Tips Source: Registered Educational Psychologist, Pang Chi Wah   Even if approximately seven to eight out of ten parents prefer morning classes for their children, some may still opt for afternoon classes. When children wake up and leave for school together with their parents, they can take naps, which may lead to better learning. Generally, there are higher expectations for children attending morning classes, but what issues might they encounter?   However, young children, especially those in K1 or N1, may have longer sleep times. Therefore, they may experience emotional issues when getting up in the morning. In such cases, parents should choose afternoon classes for their children, even if they are reluctant. It’s not

Everyday life is full of eye use. Adults and children do eye exercises together.

Parenting Tips Source : Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chiu Shi Cheung Many children today spend a lot of time looking at computers, phones, or reading, which can strain their eyes. There are some acupoint massages that can help children relieve eye strain. The first acupoint we’ll introduce is the “Zan Chuk” point. It’s located at the very front end of the eyebrows, about half an inch downward, at the corner of the eye socket. Another acupoint is called the “Jing Ming” point. It’s located at the side of the nasal bridge, right in the middle between the two eyes, near the inner edge of each eye. The third point is the “Si Pak” point, which is about

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