Curriculum & Teaching

Curriculum and Teaching

In line with the developmental needs of young children, our school’s curriculum sets developmental goals in four areas, namely “Cognitive Development”, “Language Development”, “Physical Development”, and “Affective and Social Development”. To enhance the language proficiency and basic skills of young children, we use “Picture Books Teaching” to design a variety of on-campus and off-campus activities. In addition, we use integrated arts such as visual arts, music and physical fitness to develop children’s creativity. We hope that young children can truly enjoy and love learning, which would achieve the goal of “Holistic Development”.   

At the same time, school adopts comprehensive teaching models, such as “Picture Books Teaching”, creative comprehensive art teaching, drama education, etc. Furthermore, we enhance children’s cognitive ability through outdoor activities, visits, hands-on experience and other learning modes.

Through the “Picture Books Teaching”, school uses a variety of teaching modes to coordinate with the six learning areas to develop children’s abilities in a balanced manner. Moreover, school is committed to promoting “Green Campus”. By organizing a variety of activities, including workshops, parent talks, parent-child trips and community exploration, etc., children and parents can establish an environmental awareness, thereby enhancing environmental awareness, changing daily behaviors, and cultivating Green living habits.

Learning Activities of《Balotje and The Zoo》
Every Child is an Artist – Art Education Development Program

TWGHs genuinely believes in the famous saying of renowned artist Picasso, “Every child is an artist.” Hence, TWGHs has always been committed to organizing diverse art activities to further promote the “Every Child is an Artist – Art Education Development Program” and cultivate children’s artistic literacy and creativity so that they can explore things from different perspectives, resonate with us through art appreciation, express their inner feelings through arts, and enhance their ability to appreciate the works of other people.

TWGHs held the Children’s Art Exhibition at Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan from 22nd to 24th March, 2023 (open to the public) with the theme “Nature-inspired Architects,” which showcased deserts, forests, glaciers, grasslands, oceans, etc. in the eyes of children.

The theme explored by our school students was “Oceans.” After appreciating the work of architectural artist, Antoni Gaudí, students made a variety of marine creatures by integrating his creative style and distinctive features into the picture book “Mr. Seahorse.” Students unleashed their creativity during the activity and made seahorses, fish, coral reefs, etc. by working together using different materials. 

Support Services

To support Non-Chinese Speaking Children to learn Chinese, we use different methods, complementing them with theme-based learning or learning through play to increase their motivation and interest to learn Chinese and the opportunities for its use.
If you have any enquiries, please contact us by phone( 2671-3399) or email ([email protected]).

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